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Commercial Services

If you want your business to stand out from the competition, remember these words: FIRST IMPRESSIONS MAKE LASTING IMPRESSIONS! You want to impress your clients by putting your best foot forward.

Most businesses strive to maintain a nice, comfortable atmosphere inside their buildings, to make their guests feel welcome, and comfortable. However, very few put the effort, or thought into what the outside of their building conveys to others. You only get one chance at a first impression, and you want to make it count.



PROBLEM: Gum on The sidewalks. Black streaked, and stained roofs. Algae .Mildew, and fungus. Oil stained drive thru lanes, and parking lots. Tire marks on curbs. Greasy kitchen exhaust hood systems. Graffiti, defacing buildings. Filthy dumpsters, and pads.

SOLUTION: Pro Clean uses only commercial grade pressure washing equipment, including Hot Water, and Steam, which are essential for gum, and grease removal. We employ highly effective, yet environmentally safe cleaning agents.

All of our services are performed in a timely manner. We even offer “Work While You Sleep Service”, so your business can operate uninterrupted, without the interference of contractors, or the increased liability of work being performed during store hours.

We offer discounted rates for all weekly, bi weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning agreements.